Frequently Asked Questions

Why private tuition?

Tuition offers a completely different learning approach from school. It is  becoming increasingly popular as students and parents begin to realise the enormous progress that can be made in these sessions. The personal attention tutors and knowledge our tutors offer, can help inspire students and bring confidence to their learning.

How much do lessons cost?

Individual tutors set their own fees, so we always advise you to contact tutors directly first to obtain an exact quote. Average fees tend to be between £20-£40 a session. A general rule is that the higher the level of study, the higher the level of fee. For example, Degree-level Quantum Physics lessons would typically command a higher fee than a lesson in Key Stage 1 Phonics!

Is there a registration fee?


No. Unlike most tutoring companies Acorn Tutors does not require a registration fee.


How does Acorn Tutors select tutors?


As a minimum, all our tutors are educated to degree level. Tutors are required to send in a detailed CV, including contact details for two references. A thorough interview process then follows. 


How do we monitor our tutors?


We keep in regular contact with all our tutors and their clients in order to monitor the standard of tuition being received. Listening and responding constantly to client feedback underpins our approach to tuition.


How can I give Acorn Tutors feedback about my tutor?


We actively encourage feedback to improve our services to you, so just find our contact details here and get in touch. We will also maintain regular contact throughout the tuition process, to make sure you continue to be satisfied with your tutor.


Are tutors CRB/DBS registered?


Yes. All our tutors have DBS checks. 


Will tutors travel to us?


Many tutors will travel to a client’s home, whereas some will arrange lessons in their own home. Travelling arrangements can be agreed between the tutor and client. 

Can I specify particular attributes in a tutor?

Certainly. Clients might insist on a non-smoker, or a male tutor, for example. We endeavour to get the best possible match we can between client and tutor. 

What if a student doesn't "click" with a tutor?

This can sometimes happen.  It is no problem at all and we will endeavour to find you another tutor at no extra cost.

How long is a session?

A session can be for as long as you wish. Upon receiving your enquiry, we will discuss your requirements and then suggest an appropriate lesson duration and frequency. The average lesson is 1 hour, but it is advisable to discuss timings directly with your tutor.

Am I expected to pay for lessons in advance of tuition?

You are never expected to pay for lessons in advance of the tuition.

How does the first lesson work? 

Your inaugural lesson is an opportunity to meet your tutor, discuss your requirements and develop a plan in conjunction with them. 

Am I obliged to arrange minimum amount of lessons?

No. There is no minimal obligation or time period you have to arrange lessons. Have as many or few lessons as you require.

What if my query is not answered here?


Please call or email Acorn Tutors and we will get back to you. You are welcome to contact us with any questions you might have or ask for advice on a totally ‘no obligation’ basis.