School Services

We are also able to provide specialist tuition services for schools, at all stages, from Primary to A-Level. 


Pupil Premium Tuition


Pupil premium funding presents an incredible opportunity for schools to maximise the progression of every child. It is therefore crucial that the funds are invested wisely and enable young people achieve their potential.  As one of the most effective ways to enhance education, 1 to 1 tuition is a Pupil Premium spending priority for many schools. The challenge is in selecting the right expertise for your school- this is where we come in. 


Catch-up Tuition/Booster Tuition


We also offer Catch-up/Booster Tuition, working with schools to provide highly effective one-to-one or small group tuition to support pupils at all Key Stages fulfil their potential . Tuition can be arranged at school, or at a student’s home, out of school hours.

Why us?

 Personalised learning

A one-size-fits-all approach just doesn’t work. Each school and each student is different, and need tailored solutions, specific to their needs.  


It is hugely important that pupils have a good experience, enjoy attending sessions and believe that their sessions are having a positive impact on their learning. 

Detailed reports

This allows schools to accurately report on the impact of their PP spending. It also enables us to make provisions for a student’s and to adapt teaching depending on the changing individual needs of each child.


Close liaison

In tandem with our detailed reports, our tutors will liaise closely with teachers, ensuring that sessions dovetail and reinforce learning in class. We endeavour to understand and appreciate each individual pupil.





From working across local schools and fostering fantastic working relationships with them, we also have an extensive range of contacts.



Being small, local agency, we are a tight-knit unit who know all our tutors and students personally. 



Our proprietor is a current teacher, so we know what needs to be done.


Excellent tutors

We have an excellent roster of fantastic tutors, with exceptional academic records and personal skills.



The personal attention, confidence and passion that tutors can ignite in students can achieve exceptional results. 


Clear and challenging goals

We make sure we fully understand a school’s and student’s goals and how we can help them work towards them.


Please get in touch here to discuss how we  can work with your school.

About us​

Local, family-run private tuition agency, connecting students to exceptional tutors across the Thames Valley. Primary, 11+, Secondary, GCSE, A-level and Degree level.

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